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Best Food in Thailand

Do you love the taste of Thai food? Embarking on a food tour is indeed the most interesting thing for any foodie. If you are curious to taste the best food in Thailand, then this guide is just created for you. How to Farang is your true travel companion that helps you explore new places and taste the best food in every nook of the world. When it is about Thailand, you will never miss a chance to taste the best seafood here. Even vegan food in Thailand is popular among the foodies.

Walk through the streets of Thailand’s capital city

Heading to Bangkok will definitely give you a chance to enjoy the compelling smells of all those various types of food. Visit the local markets and end up eating the best street food. From late-night snacks to dozens of sizzling street food stalls, you will get a lot by exploring in Bangkok. For a perfect unique taste and texture, you can try stunning dishes at these 2 restaurants, Nahm and Bo.lan.

Chiang Mai is Calling…

Flying over the fog-covered mountains brings calming vibes when you head to this ancient city. The popular Northern Lanna Cuisine is popular here. Thai iced tea with the classic dish Nam Prik Ong will leave your mouth watering. Among one of the affordable parts of Thailand, Chiang Mai is also known for its street food and local-style breakfast. Head to the dining room at 137 Pillars house and try Northern Thai classics and other dishes if you are feeling fancy.

Krabi and the Islands

Krabi and the Islands would be the best choice when you wish to try the best food while exploring the part of Thailand that you daydream about. The classic fried rice, noodles, and even pizza on the menu will surely tickle your taste buds if you are a foodie at heart. Exploring pristine beaches and taking a food tour at Krabi and the Islands is definitely the best option for travel and food enthusiasts.

Is street food in Thailand safe to eat?

Certainly, street food in Thailand is safe if you choose the best and popular store. Don’t forget to check the hygiene standards that street food stalls follow and you will definitely find safe food to eat out in Thailand.

What you cannot eat in Thailand?

Luu moo, Larb leuat neua, Koi pla, larb dib, shark fin soup, Yum Khai Maeng Da, and Scorpion are some of the dishes that you shouldn’t try if you just come in Thailand for the first time. Some of them are completely raw, Luu moo for example, some ingredients are cooked, but everything is soaked in raw pig blood. Once you lived long enough and you start to tolerate many more of the local foods, there’s nothing to stop you if you want to try them.

What do people eat for dinner in Thailand?

Dinner is the main meal in Thailand. The informal meal with meat or fish and rice is usually preferred by people in Thailand. Apart from this, you will surely get oodles of options to try in Thailand for dinner.

What is the typical breakfast in Thailand?

Aahan Chow is what called breakfast in Thai. This means morning food covered a wide range of options from Thai omelet to porridge and even grilled chicken with Khao Niew which is sticky rice.