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7 Thai Desserts made by sticky rice

7 Thai Desserts made by sticky rice

Thailand is the land of food, aside from heavy food that is famous, Thai desserts also very famous. Last blog I posted about Thai desserts with golden name. For this blog I will be talking about Thai desserts that made from sticky rice.

Actually, sticky rice should be in heavy food, right? But in Thailand when we cook it with coconut milk, it will become a very good taste of Thai dessert. What are those menus? Let’s get started.

Firstly, let me share with you how the sticky rice is cooked for Thai dessert. The sticky rice is well washed and steam until cooked. Then while it is still hot, they pour flavored coconut milk and stir. After evenly stir in the coconut milk, we will let it sit.

The scent and rich flavor of the coconut milk will be absorbed into the sticky rice. Then now we will have a rich flavored coconut milk sticky rice with a glossy look and smell so supreme.

1. Sticky rice with mango

Thai Dessert
Sticky rice with Mango

I believe many of you guys already know this menu. It is one of the most famous Thai desserts that everyone who comes to Thailand needs to try at least once.

This dish, the coconut sticky rice will be served with ripe mango and top with a little bit of condensed coconut milk to add a little bit more scent and rich flavor. Lastly, sprinkle with fried green bean.

Well, there is a question that many people are asking in Thailand about this Thai dessert, while serving, coconut milk should be topped with sticky rice or mango? There is no correct answer, I think the answer depends on how do you prefer it to be. For me, I prefer it to be topped with sticky rice. How about you?

2. Sticky rice with Durian

Thai Dessert
Sticky rice with Durian

Durian is the king of Thai fruits. When we make it as dessert, we pair it up with coconut milk sticky rice, and for me, this one is the perfect combination. The coconut milk rice is cooked in the same way as above. But it is different for the topping.

For durian sticky rice, we do not serve the rice topped with condensed coconut milk like mango sticky rice. The reason is that it will be served with durian paste. Durian paste is made by durian cook together with flavored coconut milk. When durian is combined with coconut milk, the texture is thick and rich in flavor. Every year in summer which is durian season, I need to have this amazing Thai dessert at least once.

Have you ever tried this menu? You need to try and you will find how nice it is. But for those who don’t like durian, this one has even stronger scent of durian, so I warn you that you may not like the scent of it.

3. Sticky rice with egg custard.

Thai Dessert

This kind of Thai dessert is a very classic menu, it will be served in banana leaf wrap. This is my forever favorite Thai dessert since I was young until now. The rice will be scoop into banana leaf and top with egg custard, then wrap up.

I saw someone also change the packaging into modern style by put it into plastic box, but I think it doesn’t look as good as when it is served by banana leaf.

Nowadays, not only white rice is served with coconut milk, but we can also see that they are using black sticky rice for this menu as well. I personally prefer black sticky rice because the texture is not too soft and also black sticky rice has its own signature scent which I love. How about you? Which type do you prefer?

4. Sticky rice with fish or shrimp

Thai Dessert
Sticky rice with Fish or Shrimp

This one has a special topping that normally shrimp and fish should be in heavy food, but this Thai dessert uses it for dessert. This is how amazing Thai food can be. The fish or shrimp will be grounded into flakes and flavored with sugar, salt and mix with fried red onion. It sounds like heavy food, right? But the flavor is sweeter. This is a very good combination with coconut sticky rice.

This type of coconut sticky rice also like the one with egg custard, it is wrapped in banana leaf. But unlike the egg custard, this type of topping is only suitable for white coconut sticky rice. It doesn’t go well with black sticky rice because the flavor and the scent of the topping are already strong.

If you wonder how can fish or shrimp become dessert, then you need to try this menu.

5. Roasted sticky rice wrap

Thai Dessert
Roasted Sticky rice wrap

This kind of Thai dessert always reminds me of my school life. There is an aunty who sells this in front of my school and I buy it almost every day after school. It is just for 5THB per piece. How cheap it is, but the taste is not cheap at all.

The coconut milk sticky rice is cooked as mentioned above and chill until cool down. Then it will be wrapped in a cone shape of banana leaf wrap together with banana, mashed sweet potato, mashed taro, or sometimes green bean paste. Then the wraps will be roasted on a low heat charcoal stove.

The scent of the roasted banana leaf together with the rich taste and scent of coconut milk sticky rice and some sweetness of the stuff, there is nothing better than this to give me energy after got drained from all-day-long classes.

My favorite stuff for this one is taro. Have you ever try this? Which stuff is your favorite?

6. Steam sticky rice wrap

Thai Dessert
Steam Sticky rice wrap

This type of sticky rice cooking way is totally different from the above menus. The raw sticky rice will be stirred in coconut milk flavored with sugar and salt until a little cooked at the outside of the rice. Then they will be scooped into banana leaf, and stuff with banana or black beans or sometimes both. And they will be tied together as pair. Then cook until well done.

The finish cooking style of this menu can be in 2 ways, steam or boil. If boiled, the sticky rice will be more moisture and softer, but someone doesn’t like it that way because it will stick on our hands a lot. For the steam one will finished dryer but still there is some banana leaf moisture on the sticky rice.

This one is also a famous Thai dessert that there is no Thai don’t know this. But to be honest with you guys, I don’t eat much of this, I prefer the other menus in this blog hehe.

7. Black sticky rice with coconut milk sauce

Thai Dessert
Black sticky rice with coconut milk sauce

This type of sticky rice has a different cooking style from all of the above menus. The black sticky rice will be boiled until fully cooked, then add some sugar in to add more flavor. After the sticky rice becomes a desire flavor, it will be resting until warm.

This type of sticky is served with a rich amount of flavored coconut milk on top. We can either mix it well together before eating or just let it like that and when spooning it up, we can see the sticky rice and coconut milk in the spoon.

The sweet flavor of the sticky rice together with the sweetness and saltiness of the flavored coconut milk. The taste is just perfect, and the signature scent of the sticky rice itself is so perfect dessert for an afternoon break. Among those wet types of Thai desserts, this is my favorite menu. I recommend you to try it at least once, then you will love it.

There are still many more menus of Thai desserts made with sticky rice. These are just some samples of them. Which one do you like? Share the menu you like with us.

For more information about Thailand, follow us in HowtoFarang. Stay safe guys, take care always!

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