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3 Famous Golden Thai Desserts

3 Famous Golden Thai Desserts

Hello Farang friends, in Thailand we have a lot of traditional Thai desserts and most of them have a name that contains gold in them. Today I will talk about 3 Thai desserts with a golden name. Tong Yip, Tong Yord, Foi Tong are the 3 most famous Thai desserts with golden names. Let’s talk about it.

Tong yip, Tong Yord, Foi Tong are created by Maria Guyomar de Pinha. She is a half-breed Portugal-Japanese who emigrated to Thailand over 150 years ago. She had a chance to be in charge of food and desserts in the palace. During the time she was in charged, she created a lot of desserts which are adapted from Portuguese style. And Tong Yip, Yong Yord, and Foi Tong are those most famous until nowadays.

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Tong Yip

Thai Dessert
Tong Yip (Golden Pick)

Tong Yip or directly translated as golden picked is made by duck egg yolk filtered by cheesecloth to remove the membranes and whisked until fluffy. Then lightly pour as a small circle into simmer sweeten water. After the dessert formed already then put on high heat to make it cooked.

After the dessert is fully cooked, they will be picked up and float on jasmine water to cool down and absorb the jasmine scent. The last step is when the dessert is cool down, we use our fingers to pick it up and form it into small flowers, and put it into a small bowl. And now the golden-picked Thai dessert is done.

Tong Yord

Thai Dessert
Tong Yord (Golden Drop)

Tong Yord or directly translated as the golden drop. This Thai dessert is made by duck egg yolk filtered by cheesecloth to remove the membrane and whisked until fluffy. Then add some flour to make the dessert form well while cooking. After that use your index finger to scoop up the batter and drop it into boiling sweeten water. The batter will be created drop by drop, the maker needs to be patient and need to use their heart to create out beautiful drops.

When the dessert is cooked, they will be picked up and floated on jasmine water to cool down and absorb the jasmine taste. Once it is cool down, the premium Thai dessert golden drop is ready to be served.

Foi Tong

Thai Dessert
Foi Tong (Golden Thread)

Foi Tong or directly translated is a golden thread. This dessert is made by duck egg yolk filtered by cheesecloth to remove the membrane. Then the batter will be filled into a mold with small holes at the tip. When sweeten water is boiled, the batter in the mold will be pouring into the boiling sweeten water through the small holes. This will create a golden thread. After boil for a while, they golden thread will be removed from the pot and arrange by batch. Some will be served by raft, sometimes it is served by the roll.

There are 2 types of golden thread, the normal one and the crispy one. The normal one is cooked by the above method. The crispy one can be created in 2 ways, before boiling the tread they will put a lot more sugar to make it crystalize after the thread cooled down. Another type is cooked by the above method they finish it up by baking to remove the moisture and become crispy.

Among these 3 golden Thai desserts, my favorite is Foi Tong or the golden thread. The taste is so good and it is fun to eat a little by little. How about you guys? Have you ever tried these Thai desserts? Trust me it is so much fun to try golden desserts.

Thailand is the land of food, and our desserts are super delicious as well, you need to try at least once to know how amazing it is. However, as you see the cooking process, the desserts are cooked in sweet water, I guarantee that they are very sweet, especially Tong Yord, the chubby shape makes it able to absorb more sweeten water therefore for me this one is the sweetest one. But who knows, maybe you will say the other 2 are sweeter. Try it and share the comment with me.

Living in Thailand is not easy but it is not too tricky either. Follow us on HowtoFarang for hacks, techniques, and some knowledge about Thailand. Stay safe guys, BYE BYE!

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