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Getting Ready for Quarantine by preparing these 5 Useful things along with you

Getting Ready for Quarantine by preparing these 5 Useful things along with you

Hello Farang friends! COVID-19 in now affecting all over the world. Quarantine is required for entering every country nowadays. It may sound so easy to just stay still for a couple of weeks without going anywhere. But my friends, believe me it is not easy at all. And what should you do to prepare for this hard time? We will discuss about it in this blog.

The COVID-19 situation in Thailand now is getting worse. After we remain 0 number of domestic defection in Thailand for many months. Finally, the 0 was broken down from Burmese labor in Samut Sakorn. And the number dramatically increase in just over a night. The number badly surprised all of Thai, and I believe it is also surprise Farangs in Thailand too.

I personally believe that COVID-19 is always existing in Thailand but we just don’t know. Because as we all know, for someone who has the virus, there is totally no symptom at all. But because not everyone gets the COVID-19 test, therefore we don’t know we actually have it or not. Therefore, maybe I already have or you already have, who knows….right? So, take care of you all Farang.

There is a lot of information and detail about ASQ hotels in Thailand that you can search on the internet. But I want to talk about what kind of things you should prepare for your quarantine time. Let’s get started.

1. Your Personal medicine


Actually, you will be taken care of closely by the Co-Hospital of your hotel. It may not be so hard to request some medicine from them. But you may need to get to answer a lot of questions. Therefore, if needed, it is better to just prepare the medicine by yourself. Actually, it is so useful to always have basic medicine with you when you are on a trip.

For me, my stomach is sensitive, therefore I always have turmeric capsules in my travel bag. Turmeric capsules are so good to treat our stomach from gas and acid. I also always have paracetamol and allergy medicine in my travel bag in case I need them I will be able to have it immediately without trouble searching for a pharmacy or convenience store.

2. Drinking Water


This one you may not able to prepare from abroad. But for this topic, I mean if you have relatives or friends in Bangkok, you can ask them to send you drinking water. Actually, the hotel will provide or you can call for more but they will have an extra charge for that. (And hotel charge usually will not come up with so generous price)

The reason why you need more water is if you will need to stay in the air conditioner room for 24 hours continuously for 15 days. The air around you will be very dry. Especially recently pollution problem in Bangkok is not in a good situation. PM 2.5 cause dry air and irritate the skin. So it is better to keep your body hydrated during the quarantine.

3. Your favorite snack


Since you will be locked up for 2 whole weeks. It may sound easy but if you really are there, you will find out that it is so hard to just stay still in one place. Having some of your favorite snacks will help you a lot to relieve the stress during the quarantine.

4. Instant Noodles or Instant Food


Thailand is the land of delicious food. But not everyone will like Thai food. Although the hotels may try to serve you with some western food to suit your taste, not everyone will appreciate every meal. There may be some meals that you really don’t like, during a time like this, instant noodles or instant food from your hometown will help you to go through those tough meals. Although you can order room service, as I say, hotel charges usually won’t come up with a generous price.

For the rule of hotels, friends or relatives can send some of stuff or food to you while you are during the quarantine. But everything will be checked by the co-hospital first. And for food, usually, hotels will have their delivery time, therefore, food that is easy to be rotten is not recommended to send. For example, pasteurized milk, yogurt, are not recommending to send. Some hotel does not allow to send these 2 things to the person in quarantine.

5. Prepare well your mind


It may sound like it is just an easy thing to be in quarantine. But when you really need to be in that situation, you will find out that it is NOT easy at all to pass day by day in a square room. Being locked up for a few days may sound like you can have a fully resting time. But being locked up for 15 days, is not so good like it sounds. The first few days may not so be boring, but after around day 4 or 5, you will start to feel super boring and want this session to end as soon as possible.

Another hard time is around 3 days before you finish your quarantine, the time will pass even slower than the week before. One of my friends counted hour by hour to get out of the hotel. The luggage will be well packed maybe a few days before the actual finish quarantine day. Therefore, please prepare well your mind to be locked up for 2 weeks.

COVID-19 is really dramatically affected by everyone all over the world. We have 1 whole year of hard time since this virus, and it will continue until 2021. Now we hope that the vaccine will arrive in Thailand and distribute as soon as possible. Based on what government plan, the vaccine will be started to distribute by the middle of 2021. (Roughly around May). I hope everything will go as planned.

Take care everyone, please stay safe and take good care of yourself. This time is so hard, but we will go through this. Nothing can be greater than our mind if we have strong enough vision.

For more tricks and hack of living in Thailand, please follow us of HowtoFarang. Take are Farang friends!

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