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Loy Kratong Festival – Amazing Thai Festival

Loy Kratong Festival –  Amazing Thai Festival

Hello Farang friends, this coming 31st October will be Thailand’s Loy Kratong Festival. Do you know what is it? Do you know what will Thai people do in this festival? If you want to know more about this festival, I will share it with you in this blog.

Loy Kratong Festival

What is Loy Kratong Festival?

Loy Kratong Festival is the festival that we decorate the water lantern and put it to float in the river. The meaning of the festival name is very simple. The word “Loy” means float and the word “Kratong” means water lantern. In this festival, we float the water lantern in the river so we just directly call it by the activities we do which is Loy Kratong = float water lantern.

In Thailand in the past, our main transportation was by the river. We travel and ship products by river. Therefore, rivers are very important to us. And we believe that in the river there is a goddess who takes care of the river. So Nang Noppamas wanted to thank this goddess, she created a water lantern and float along the river for this.

Who is the founder of this festival?

Loy Kratong Festival

The legend said that Nang Noppamas, the first concubine of Maha Thammaracha I the first king of Sukhothai Kingdom was the one who founded Loy Kratong festival. She created a water lantern by the specific lotus that will only bloom during full moon night. And she put it to float in the river in order to pay respect to the mother of nature.

When is Loy Kratong Festival?

As stated in the above paragraph, Nang Noppamas used the special lotus that will only bloom in full moon night. Loy Kratong festival is on the full moon night that the moon is the biggest size in the year. It is a full moon night of the 12th month of the Thai lunar year.

What does Kratong made from?

Loy Kratong Festival

The main material to make Kratong float is a banana tree. We cut the banana tree into pieces and then wrap it with banana leaves. Then we fold banana leaves into shapes and surround the banana tree. On top of the Kratong we will decorate it with many kinds of flowers to make it beautiful. And we will also put candles and joss sticks, the purpose of putting these is to pay respect to the mother of nature.

Sometimes we also put a few of our nails and hair into the Kratong. We believe that the Kratong will be floating far away along the river and far away from us. So we put some part of our body to let the Kratong bring bad luck and bad things away from us.

Moreover, we also put coins on the Kratong. The reason for putting coins on the Kratong is we believe that doing this will make us become wealthy in the future.

What should we do at Loy Kratong Festival

The main activity of this festival is the floating water lantern in the river, therefore you should try once. If possible you can try to make your own one. But if you cannot make it, there are a lot of Kratongs sell along the riverside.

However, because from time to time more and more people want to float the lantern in the river. This creates a lot of trash in the river the next morning. Therefore, we can choose other materials for the Kratong. Currently, there are a lot of people who make Kratong with bread or fish food. Or event someone just put candles and joss stick on the ice and float it. This will create the lease trash in the river. You can make your choice for your own Kratong.

There are a lot more beautiful festivals in Thailand. Follow us on HowtoFarang for more blogs about the correct way to be a Farang in Thailand.

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