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Review 5 Great Vitamin Water for refreshing

Review 5 Great Vitamin Water for refreshing

Hello Farang friends, in Thailand now healthy drinks are popular. And one of the choice of healthy drink is vitamin water. This blog will be review blog for 5 vitamin water with Thai brand that is available in 7-11. Let’s get started.

Yanhee Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water
Yanhee Vitamin Water

This one is the first brand of vitamin water that is released to the Thai market, it 8s 17THB for 460ml. Yanhee is a hospital that is very famous for plastic surgery. They also create their own cosmetic brand which released into the market at affordable prices. Aside from cosmetics, they also released vitamin water to the market.

This product called itself as vitamin water, but I think it is more on vitamin B water. The product claim that
Vitamin B3: help to maintain digestive tract tissue as a normal condition
Vitamin B6: main substance for nerve system function
Vitamin B12: help to produce important substance for functioning nerve system and brain
Folic Acid:  main substance for red blood cell creation

The taste of this water smells like pendant drinks come along with a little bit of chemical smell. It has no taste, just the feeling of pendant scent and chemical smell. It is not hard to drink but I think for me because it gives a little bit of chemical smell, I don’t think I will drink it so often.


This brand released 3 vitamin water as follow:

Vitamin C Water peach flavored.

Vitamin Water
Vidaday Vitamin C Peach

The price of this product is 17THB for 470ml. On the package claim that vitamin C is
– Help us to have healthy blood vessel
– Help for antioxidant processes
– Help to protect our cells from antioxidant
– Help to create collagen for healthy skin
– One part of energy absorbed from normal metabolism
– Help the effectiveness of the immune system

Feeling of drinking this product, I personally love peaches so I love the taste and smell of peach. This vitamin water provides an intense scent of peach and also it is a little sweet on my tongue after drinking this. For me, drinking this cold in hot weather can really freshen me up. And I can drink without concern about my diet because on the product stated that it provides 0 kilocalories. 

Vitamin C Water Honey Lemon flavor

Vitamin Water
Vitaday Vitamin C Honey Lemon

The price of this product is 17THB for 470ml same as Peach flavor. This one also gives me a fresh feeling, I can taste slightly sweetness from it. The scent is kind of citrus which gives a sour and fresh feeling. The vitamin water itself provides a slight taste of sour and sweet which is so perfectly fit for each other.

But to make it even taste better, I made it as infused water, I put small pieces of pineapple in the bottle and infused in the fridge overnight. The next morning the taste was so amazing, the vitamin water taste itself goes so well with fresh pineapple. And the sweetness from pineapple-infused into the water.  I really recommend this recipe to everyone, it is so very good. It is really a great refreshing drink. You need to try it.

Vitamin B Complex Water

Vitamin Water
Vitaday Vitamin B

The price of this product is 17THB for 470ml same as the 2 vitamin C water. This one tastes similar to Yanhee Mixed Vitamin Water, but it doesn’t smell like a chemical like Yanhee. The taste of the pendant is a little stronger than Yanhee too. It also provides a little sweetness on my tongue after drinking it.  I will definitely buy it again.

Overall for Vidaday, I love all 3 vitamin water from this product. I would recommend this for you guys in terms of low calorie (well, actually the brand claimed that it contains 0 calories) freshening drinks.

PH Plus Vitamin B-Complex Water

Vitamin Water
PH Plus

This product provides the most quantity of vitamin water among the 3 brands which is 550ml with the price of 20THB.

The brand claim that it is Ph8++ which means this one is slightly alkaline water. It also contains Vitamin B-Complex, which the brand claims that
Vitamin B3: Niacin helps for functioning nerve system and brain
Vitamin B5: Pantothenic acid helps our body absorb energy from metabolism as a normal condition
Vitamin B6: help the functioning of the nerve system to be normal
Vitamin B9: Folate help functioning immune system

The feeling of drinking this water is the lightest pendant water among all three Vitamin B water in this blog. The taste is almost like just normal drinking water. The only very little scent of a pedant and totally no taste. These drinks do contain 20mg of sodium but with 0 kg calorie. This one is also a low (well actually 0) calorie drink.

For me, this one is only a very little bit different from normal drinking water. For those who want to add some vitamin B to your body but don’t want to feel like drinking it. I think this one is suitable for you.

That is all for my Vitamin Water review for this blog. If there is any comment on these products or you find some more products, please share us comments.

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