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Cure a Hangover Fast with These 6 Amazing Thai Methods

Cure a Hangover Fast with These 6 Amazing Thai Methods

We’re here to have fun, but probably too much fun last night, here’s how to cure a hangover fast with Thai methods.

how to cure a hangover fast

You’re coming all the way here to Thailand to have fun. Those fun includes hanging out with friends, dancing with them, get drunk, and enjoy the party! Perhaps you come across alcohol beverages, probably a lot of them. I’ve been there before and sometimes I don’t even know what I’m drinking. Whatever my friends handed me, I just drink it. After a lot of fun, you went home or someone dragged you all the way to your place. You wake up in the morning feeling like sh*t. In case you don’t already know, that’s a hangover. The good news is, today in How to Farang, I have many ways to cure a hangover fast.


Ginger drink is one of a very good herb that can cure a hangover fast! Ginger will heal your body, help with your respiratory system, and also cure the headache. The drink also pushes the alcohol out of your system very efficiently. Ginger drink is also very easy to find too. Go directly for any soymilk store, they’re likely gonna have it.

Thai Basil

Thai Basil – Grinding it in the mortar and pestle into small pieces, put it in a teacup, add some hot water. Voilà, your magical drink is ready. Thai basil is known to be the best for curing nausea. So, Thai basil is one way to cure a hangover fast!. Not to be confused with Kra-Pow, this one is Ho-Ra-Pa. Both are kinds of basil anyway, so actually, both will work, but we recommend Horapa because it’s better at being a tea than the Kra-Pow.

Thunbergia laurifolia

This herb is native to India, but you can find this in abundance in Thailand. Its Thai name is Rang Jeud (รางจืด). Research from a lab at Chulalongkorn University, the number one university in Thailand, found that this particular herb works by going straight to protect your liver cells from alcohol. Basically, this is a medicine for your hangover that cure the source of the problem.

Sugarcane Juice

Pure natural sugar from nature is so good to cure your hangover fast. Think of the situation where you’re exhausted, have a big headache and everything, all you need might be a nice cold sweet drink. Sugarcane juice is one of the best in this situation. This will give you an energy boost.

Tom Yum

There’re not many reasons for this, but it’s what we do. When we don’t feel so fresh or energetic, Eating something a bit spicy and sour can help dramatically. Tom yum will cure a hangover fast! It can be any kind of Tom Yum. The soup only, the noodles, the soup with rice, whatever you can find, as long as it’s Tom Yum it should work. Also, in the article 7 Reasons Why Thai Food Is So Good, I mentioned that Thai food usually has a bunch of herbs in it. Those herbs will restore your body to the normal state again!

how to cure a hangover fast

Raw Egg

Eeeeew.. Right? Raw egg is the best solution to most kinds of poisonous things. It’s not poison, it’s alcohol. Yes, but it’s doing a bad things to your body, mainly to the liver. That’s why you’re feeling so tired right now. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re willing to try, I promise you’ll likely going to cure a hangover fast.

Raw egg from the market? No no no. This might be the only place where I recommend supermarkets over local fresh markets. It’s Thailand, not Japan. You can’t just eat raw eggs from anywhere. The brand I recommend is called S-Pure (not sponsored). They’re like Japanese-grade raw eggs. Thai people use S-Pure eggs to make some raw egg menus. So S-Pure is the safest one. The second best is CP eggs. CP’s eggs are everywhere. You’ll have an easier time finding CP’s eggs than S-Pure’s eggs. Trust me in tips on buying these eggs if you’re going to eat it raw, but if it’s going to be cooked, any egg will work just fine.


These methods are what we really use in real life to cure a hangover FAST. I provide 6 of them so that you have options to find the closest, easiest to find near you one. I hope you have a lot of fun in Thailand and if you have a hangover, come back to read this guide to cure a hangover FAST, and you’ll ready for the next party as soon as possible!

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