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Ordering Thai noodles just need these 2 easy things

Ordering Thai noodles just need these 2 easy things

Thai noodles are one of the delicious and very common food in Thailand.

What is it with ordering Thai noodles that’s so complicated? There are a whole lot of kinds of noodles in Thailand and for those Farangs who are new in Thailand, ordering a bowl of noodles may challenging. It’s actually not that tricky, let’s get started for HOW TO ORDER NOODLES IN THAILAND.

Ordering Thai noodles is actually not that hard. There are only 2 main things you need to tell the cook which are
1. Type of noodles
2. Type of soup

Noodles Types

There are 5 types of noodles in Thailand which is

Thai Noodles

The first one is “Sen-Yai” This kind of noodles has the softest texture. This type of noodles is chewy and soft, at the same time this one contains the highest calories among all types of noodles because it is coated with oil to prevent it from stick to each other.

Thai Noodles

The second type of noodles is “Sen-Lek”. This one in Thai language is the opposite term of Sen-Yai, because “Yai” means big and “Lek” means small. The texture is chewy but a little harder that Sen-Yai. When you order this type of noodles, you should eat it while hot and do not leave it for too long especially in case of take home. Because if leave it for too long, everything will become one, the noodles will all stick to each other and that is not so tasty.

Thai Noodles

The third type is “Sen-Mee”, among the white noodles, this type is the smallest one. The texture is dry and hardest compared to Sen-Yai and Sen-Lek. But this one contains the lowest calories, so if you want to go on diet, this one is a good choice.

Thai Noodles

“Woon-Sen” or glass noodles is another type of noodles that is delicious and suitable for Tom-Yum noodles. This one when cooked it will become cleared color. This one also recommended to eat while hot and not to leave for too long. Because one the noodles got soaked, it will become too soft and soggy. This type doesn’t make you so full but the calories contain is actually not that low like what it feels.

Thai Noodles

Last type of noodles is “Mee-Lueang”, this one is a kind of Chinese noodles contains eggs and flours and other more ingredients. In every Chinese restaurant that has noodles menu, you will find this type of noodles.

Soup Types

After getting to know the type of noodles, now its the time of type of soups. There are 5 main type of soups which are

Thai Noodles

The most popular Thai food is “Tom-Yum”, of course we also have Tom-Yum noodles. This one is the best, the taste of soup is combination of spicy, sour, salty and a little sweet. Most of the time its served with crispy fried dumpling skin, this taste the best while dip in the soup, a little soaked but still remain the crispness.

Thai Noodles

The second type of soup is “Nam-Tok”. The direct meaning is waterfall, there is no clear relationship between this type if noodles and waterfall but this is the way Thai people call it. This one is so unique, the soup is mixed with pork blood so the soup become thicken in dark brown color. This type of noodles only contain 2 types of meat which is port or beef. There is no seafood for this soup. They eat this with sweet basil and green bean sprout. Sometimes the restaurant add a little amount of chili to make the taste become more flavored.

Thai Noodles

Yen-Ta-Fo is pink soup noodles that is one of very unique soup as well. This type of soup sometimes the restaurant flavored it by add some more chili in. If you don’t eat spicy you can order no chili added. This type of soup is served with seafood, main ingredients are crispy squid, jelly fish (sometimes replaced by white jelly fungus), fish balls, fish cakes and Thai morning glories.

Thai Noodles

“Nam-Sai” is clear soup. For those who doesn’t eat spicy at all and want neutral flavor, this one is your choice. Clear soup does not spicy at all and it goes good taste with all type of noodles. This type of soup mostly served with either pork, minced pork and pork balls or beef with beef balls.

Thai Noodles

This one actually can’t call type of soup because there is actually no soup, it is served dried with separated small bowl of soup. Mostly it comes with neutral taste. This dish goes good for all types of noodles except glass noodles. For those who doesn’t like soup noodles, this one is your choice.

After you made your choice of noodles and soup, just tell the cook and wait for you delicious noodles to be served. If is just that easy. Good luck Farang friends with Thai noodles

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