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Ride sharing / HITCHHIKING / carpooling in Thailand Easy with Liluna Application

Ride sharing / HITCHHIKING / carpooling in Thailand Easy with Liluna ApplicationScore 95%Score 95%

Ride Sharing in a carpool with Liluna

If you’re a backpacker and you’re looking for some long ride on a budget, look no further. Liluna is a carpooling, ride sharing, hitchhiking app for ridesharing that’s made by Thai people to share the ride to anywhere. This is similar to splitting a fare on Uber, but if you’re lucky enough to find a driver who’s just looking for a friend on a long road trip, he might not even ask for your money at all. Also, ride sharing helps to reduce the number of vehicles on the road which means it’s better for the environment.

ride sharing hitch hiking carpool

Liluna information

If you want to find more about Liluna, I believe it’s mostly in Thai, but still, if you want to check it out, these are their contact info:

Liluna Website: https://www.lilunago.com/
Liluna Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilunaGo

ride sharing hitch hiking carpool

It’s in Thai language, but I can help.

Unfortunately, Liluna app only supports Thai language for now, but hey, I’m here for you. I’ll translate everything.

From what I can see, if you know some Thai language, you should be fine with a little help from my guide. However, if you can’t read Thai at all, you might need some help from a Thai friend. Oh, there’s good news, by the way, the developer said it’s on the roadmap to add the English language to the app. So, don’t worry, it’s coming someday.

Let’s have a look at what the app is all about.

A little bit of love for both sides, iOS & Android.

Register with Facebook for the convenience.

Yes, after Facebook, you still need to verify yourself with the app via phone number for safety reason.

Like Uber and Grab, tell the app where you’re going to start your trip, where you’re going and when. The app will filter the result for you. Your ride sharing trip is almost ready.

Gotcha! You found the driver who’s going/passing the place you want to go. On the menu, you can see the price he charges, usually very low, this is not Grab or Uber, it’s for sharing. You can also see the available seats he has left in the car. Select the tab to see more details.

After tapping on the tab, here’re more details about the driver and his route. You can message him from here.

On the right part of the image, I translated everything so that you can understand what those details are all about.

Let’s send the driver a nice message that we want to join him.

Yay!! You’re accepted for the ride. Prepare the 15 baht (around 0.5 USD) and be ready.

Then you realize that you have bags and you’re not sure if he’s going to have enough space for them. Tap the chat button and ask him. If everything is going good, you can now get on the guy’s car for the ride sharing, Go together with him till you reach your destination.
Remember, Thank you is “Kob Koon Krub” for men and “Kob Koon Ka” for woman. Don’t forget to say those nice words to them.

You reached your destination, you already told him “Kob Koon Kub”, now give him a nice rating if you’re happy with the Ride Sharing trip!

The dark grey tab above is where you choose the Transportation Mode, which is in hashtags. From here, you can find some other modes such as #DrivingtoWork , #Ride Sharing, #Airport , #All

This is The Board. The board is for you to suggest or find someone who has a scheduled plan or some routine plan that happens regularly.

Note. Thai words on the left actually said SookSawad / Siam Center / Monday 20 Aug @ 08:34. I just want to give an example that’s easier to recognize.

From what I understand, it’s separated into 2 sides, the driver, and the passenger.
Let say that you drive from Ekkamai to Siam every day, you have to pay ฿100 for the fuel price. Let’s reduce that by sharing it with someone who’s also going on the same path. If you have no car, but you found someone who’s driving to the place you want to go every day, why don’t you just do the ride sharing with him? It’s cheaper and you make more friends.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. How can you trust the driver or the people who share the ride?

-Registering & Verification system

Before you start using the app and start the ride sharing, you need to register an account with your photo, full name, and phone number. The phone number is needed to be verified via the OTP number. In Thailand, every phone number needs to be registered with a passport or an ID card and the application is able to link the number to your ID card.

-Driver Verification

If you’re a driver, there’s a bit more that you need to do. You need to also verify the driver’s license with the car tax registration sign. This will give all the information about the car, the color, the brand, and the license plate. Everything will be shown to you before you join the ride sharing.

-The app has all the information it needs about you, your share rider, and your driver.

This way, you can be assured that it’s safer to ride with someone that willing to show who he/she is.

-This is not a brand new app. It’s been here for a while and it’s here to stay.

Lilula has been existed for around 3 years already. It’s been here for this long, they know how to handle things and they really know what they’re doing.

This is only half of what the app does

The police department is joining the club! No, they’re not coming to be in charge of the app, they’re being very nice here. Police in Thailand, they also have to go to their police station every day and there are a lot of them. Some are offering the ride sharing (likely free) from their workplace to home. Now that the police are also on the platform, that should give you peace of mind that this is safe.

The future plan is to involve the public transport into the platform. The app will only grow bigger from now on.

The other half of the app is called ‘Food Hero‘. We’ll talk about that in the future. Subscribe to us and follow us on social media to get the latest updates we have!


  • The app is easy to use.
  • The safety is nice.
  • A wonderful way to make a new friend.
  • The price is cheap and sometimes it’s free.
  • The future of this app is big.


  • No English language
  • The amount of active users is not massive, there’s a chance that you can’t find the trip that matches your need.



Verdict Liluna is such a great idea of making ride sharing, hitchhiking, carpooling, or whatever you want to call it, easier. If you have no friends in Thailand at all, but you're looking to make a friend here, this is one of the great ways!

The core idea of the app
Ease of use
Good for Foreigners (Farang) [Assuming the English language is ready]


  1. mel q

    Oh this is nice! I’m sure I’ll need help from my Thai friend, but I really want to try.

    • Mahmoud

      Exactly, I will have the help from my Thai friend too!
      The content provides good translation alrdy btw, but for some part, Thai friends are still required.

  2. Ashraf

    Great Idea. I wish I tried this when I was in Thailand. Now I’m not sure if I can enter the country.

  3. Endel

    See on huvitav

  4. Narang

    I tried, unfortunately I don’t understand much.

  5. JC

    I tried hitchhiking on the road in Thailand. I failed.
    No one picked me up.

    • Admin_Farang

      Sorry to here that!
      Next time, please give the app a try. You won’t fail again.


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