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7 Reasons Why Thai Food Is So Good And Cool

7 Reasons Why Thai Food Is So Good And Cool

Wanna know why Thai food is so good?

You might be wondering why people are saying that Thai food is so good while some people have so many warnings before you about to try Thai food. If you never tried it before, I believe that you might be frightened by the spiciness of it. Some people are worried about cleanliness, quality, etc.

Don’t be scared of spiciness.

The spiciness is some irritation in your mouth, some might call it painful, but if it’s done right, it’s called ‘Sweet Pain’. It’s spicy, it’s hot, but it’s good. You won’t be able to stop eating them because Thai food is so good.

For the cleanliness, it’s clean, It’s fresh, it’s what we eat every day, and we survive for this long, trust me, it’s safe (most of them).

In future article, I’ll write about Thai food to beware if you’re at the Thai-food-eater-beginner level. Subscribe down below for How to Farang? latest articles.

Here are 7 reasons why Thai food is so good.


The first reason why Thai food is so good is that our ancestors spending time (and some probably lost their lives) to do the trial and errors to seek the best food possible! Think of it like this, you’re not really just eating the food, you’re consuming the heritage from our ancestors. This phrase is popular among Thai woman ‘Saneh Plai Jawak’ (เสน่ห์ปลายจวัก) which means the charm that women have when they can cook decently. If you’re seeking a spouse in Thailand and you just found a lady who learned to cook from her mom or grandma, it’s a good sign! You’ll get to eat our historical food in every meal.

Herbs, Herbs, Herbs!

Italian, Mexican, Spanish foods, they all have their own signature herbs. Thai food is not an exception! We have countless fragrant herbs that will give out unique tastes which I always call this ‘Thai-ness’. I’ll give you an example. Lemongrass (ta krai) is one of the most commonly used in many dishes and it gives such a unique flavor that I always love when I have a taste of it. If you like herby food, Thai food is so good for you, you can’t go wrong with the food that has lemongrass as an ingredient.


As mentioned above, we use herbs in abundance. It’s not only to give out the taste, nutrition, etc. It’s the art of coordinating multiple herbs to create a new aromatic scent to seek for perfection. That’s also why Thai food is so good. People always refer to Thai food to spiciness. The spiciness is not entirely why we put the chili in there. Even the chili itself has its own special aroma that goes very well with the food. That’s also a reason why more than half of Thai food is spicy.

Healthy Option

This might sound strange, but meat is more expensive than vegetables and that’s why we put a lot of vegetables and herbs in the food and that’s why it’s a healthy option. Thai food is so good, and we all grow to love them too. We even have these sauces called ‘Namprik’ and there are many kinds of Namprik, most of them shall be eaten with boiled vegetables. Those herbs from the above paragraph, they all have their own nutrition that helps to restore balance to your body and detoxify your digestive system!


Another reason why Thai food is so good is because it’s so flexible that we can adapt all the time. Sometimes most of the ingredients are the same, but we just change a few key things and it becomes a totally different dishes. For example, Pork with Basil stir-fried (Krapow Moo) and Pork with Garlic stir-fried (Moo Krateum), they’re mostly the same, but we just change some key ingredients and it tastes totally different!. Having Thai food is all about discovering different places where you’ll find something new all the time.

Easy to Cook

If you’re really planning to live in Thailand for a while, you might wonder if you can cook it yourself. Yes, you can. This is also why Thai food is so good, it isn’t too hard to cook. Years of experience in the cooking of those street food chefs make them be able to serve your food in 5 minutes after you ordered, but you don’t need those experiences at all. There are many cookbooks, YouTube videos, and many other sources that you can learn. You might not be able to finish the cooking in 5 minutes, but 20 isn’t so bad, right?

For example, Tom Yum Kung, it looks like some advance menu, but you can cook it in 20 minutes according to this 20 minutes Tom Yam Kung article.

Thai food is not expensive (If you find the right one).

A dollar is roughly 30 baht. In some places, that’s enough for a whole meal. There are always cheap gems hidden in the area. I suggest you find the street à la carte restaurants nearby, try all of them. There’s almost always one that’s the best and not so expensive. Try to avoid the main street, the touristic area, and look for the price sign before going in. If there’s no price labeled anywhere, be careful with that.

One reason why my best farang friend always struggling to find a good cheap restaurant is that he’s afraid that there are no English menus. Don’t worry, Thai people are very friendly. Look for younger generations, they’re likely going to be able to help you out, and you’re probably getting a new friend too.

Another tip is to remember that your point is to find good Thai food at a cheap price. So, don’t look for the one that is mainly for the foreigner, you’ll be welcome with the ‘Farang Price’. Go for the local one. They’re the best. If you look at the restaurant and you feel like you don’t want to sit there, it’s okay. Ordering takeaway is a good choice too. Usually, takeaway food is cheaper than eating-in anyway.

Let me do a little calculation for you.

$1 breakfast + $1 lunch + $1 dinner + $1 for drinks and snacks. That’s only $4 / day!

Those are all the reasons why Thai food is so good and if you never try it before, you really need to.

Thai food is so good


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