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Review New Cool drinks, 2 fruit juices with salt and chili flavor

Review New Cool drinks, 2 fruit juices with salt and chili flavor

Hello Farang friends, how are you recently? Do you know that the high vitamin C fruit and juices can create an immune for us for COVID-19? Of course, I am not saying that eating high vitamin C fruits or juices will make us not get the virus, but it builds up our immune for us that if we have it, our body may not be in a serious situation. COVID-19 situation in Thailand is so bad now. Please stay safe. When speaking of COVID-19, so today I will talk about Vitamin C juice.


Ichitan recently releases new products which are Tamarind Fire and Pine Apple Thunder. The flavor is Tamarind with salt and chili and Pine Apple with salt and chili. The first time I saw an advertisement for these 2 juices I was so amazed by the idea of these products. So, I tried the juices, and I found out that the taste is so interesting, chili in juice?! I have tried both and I find the taste is so interesting. Today I will share my feeling with you.

1. Ichitan Tamarind Fire (Tamarind juice with salt and chili flavor)


This is the first one I tried. The price was 20THB per bottle. I bought it from 7-11 before 7.30 AM. Then on the same day my 7-11 Line shown up with a coupon for these 2 drinks for 10THB at 7.30 AM. How hurt for that……

I drink it with ice, the first taste that touches my tongue was sour, then salty and then the hot feeling comes as the end. I really can feel the taste of salt and chili, it’s weird but delicious. Haha, The taste of spicy is not actually spicy, it’s more likely a hot flavor. I drink it in the afternoon, it really makes me feel fresh. You guys should try it.

2. Ichitan Pine Apply Fire (Pine Apple juice with salt and chili flavor)


I personally like pineapple so much, but I don’t like pine apple juice because most of the time, pine apply juice will be too sweet. For this one, as I expected, it is sweet……But not too sweet, there is also a sour taste. For the hot flavor, this one is not that hot. The taste is just very lightly hot at the end.

I also drink this in the afternoon, I think it also helps me freshen up my boring afternoon. At lease sweet and sour juice on ice helps me from sleepy.

For me, if I can choose between the 2 juices, I will definitely choose Tamarind Fire. The flavor is richer for both tamarind flavor and a hot flavor. Pine Apple Thunder is just not so different from normal pineapple juice. But that is my personal comment only, if you want to know how is it, try it at least once. And you will know how Thai juices can be so fancy.

Finally I just want to remind all of you that, fruit juices or any sweeten drinks in Thailand is all very sweet. They put a lot of sugar in because Thai people prefer sweet taste of drinks and dessert. Therefore, no matter the juices or drinks says that it is good for health, we need to always concern about sugar amount in the drinks. Too much sugar is not good for our health, also not good for our shape. So when you choose drinks in Thailand, just check the ingredients to make sure that you are not ruining your health.

Well……but sometimes concerning too much won’t be good for health either. Just find the balance between health and happiness, that will be the best for every one. 😀

I hope you like the review, if you try already, please share your feeling in the comment.

Living in Thailand is not easy, but it is not that hard. Follow us on Howtofarang for tricks and hacks for living in Thailand. Stay safe from COVID-19 to everyone. Bye Bye.

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