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Thai Toothpaste: SALZ TRIPHALA, Discover the miracle herbs

Thai Toothpaste: SALZ TRIPHALA, Discover the miracle herbsScore 92%Score 92%

SALZ Triphala, Thai toothpaste that won the world-class award.

If you never heard of this Thai toothpaste called SALZ before, the name is derived from salt. The main selling point of this company is that they use salt as one of the main ingredients. Salt is actually very beneficial for teeth because of the small particles and the unique property of the salt that naturally kills bacteria. The name TRIPHALA (ตรีผลา – Tree – Pa – La) is the interesting part.

thai toothpaste salz
Image Credits : SALZ Thailand Official Facebok Page


TRIPHALA is originally medical herbs from India that this Thai company did the research on and blend it with their patented method to becomes a toothpaste. Triphala consists of 3 types of herbs which are Myrobalan, Indian Gooseberry, and Terminalia bellirica. They blended the herb with their signature ‘Hypertonic Salt’.

The research was done with multiple of the well-known researchers in Thailand with an environmentally friendly method from the start to finish of the process.

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Enough said with those marketing words.

Thai toothpaste salz triphala

Let’s begin the review

Opening the box, you’ll have unscrewed the cap to get rid of the foil seal inside. Screw back the cap, open it, and you’ll be welcomed with this little tooth. I can’t tell you how much love this little tooth, so does my girlfriend. Look at those images below of how cute the tooth is. If you buy this for your kid, he/she would be so happy to brush his/her teeth twice every day.

Texture and Looks

The color is dark desaturated brown. The texture is nice and smooth, not rough at all. I was expecting a rough sandy feeling because they said salt and herbs are the main ingredients. That’s not the case at all. This one looks and feels smooth. This Thai toothpaste looks like clay for pottery making with so much water mixed in that it becomes very smooth. I hope you don’t lose interest because of my explanation. I promise this one is a good one.


The first thing you’ll taste immediately is the saltiness. It’s not uncomfortably salty though, this Thai toothpaste manages to balance the saltiness with their artificial sweetness and make it taste nice. It almost tastes like savory food, but without food smell. It has the saltiness, the sweetness, but still, it keeps a bit of the minty fresh taste.

A second after that I can taste the flavor of those herbs. It’s not so strong. The smell of those herbs is nice and not too intense. If you’re a beginner Farang, this one will be fine for you. This toothpaste won’t give you the Freezing Cool Freshness that you might expect from some minty, freeze cool toothpaste, but it does feel fresh, just not that strong.


When you’re using a herb toothpaste, you won’t expect so much foam. This one does foam up quite a bit, but not as much as the non-herb toothpaste. I think this is a nice level of foaming. It’s in between the pure herbs Thai toothpaste and the normal non-herbs toothpaste.

Fun Fact for Thai learners:
Toothpaste in Thai is ยาสีฟัน (Ya – see – fun).
ยา (ya) means medicine.
This word is also used for the medicine that you take when you’re sick.

สี (see) means to collide, rub, polish, create some friction between 2 objects.
สี isn’t usually used in day-to-day life for that meaning. It has another popular homonym meaning that means color.
This Thai toothpaste has a brown color. ยาสีฟันไทยอันนี้มีสีน้ำตาล (ya see fun thai un nee mee see naam taan)
ยาสีฟันไทย (ya see fun thai) = Thai toothpaste
อันนี้ (un nee)= this one
มีสี (mee see) = has color
น้ำตาล (naam taan) = brown

ฟัน (fun) – means tooth / teeth.

How to Farang.

Words from my girlfriend

Most of it I already mentioned. She wants to add that it miraculously remove those yellow plaque caused by coffee and tea that you’d normally have to go to the dentist for the teeth scale operation. She also said this Thai toothpaste is a bit salty but sweet with a little freshness. The paste itself has some texture to it. She could feel gentle friction while brushing her teeth and that helps to remove plaque efficiently.

Thai toothpaste salz triphala


This is a solid option for Farangs wanting to try the Thai toothpaste. If you like using herbs or natural product, you want to feel like what traditional Thai people feel like when they brush their teeth, you should try this. This is a nice starting point for Thai toothpaste. If you’re not a herb-believer, keep in mind this product won an international award. It’s a legit option. If I have to make a comparing list, Salz Triphala would be higher on the top of the list. This is one of the best Thai toothpaste.

Buy SALZ Triphala

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Shopee : SALZ TRIPHALA (2-Pack)



Freshness - This one doesn't gives you the highest freshness cool feeling, but it's at the normal level.
Foamy - The amount of foam is perfect
Salty - It's just a bit too salty to me
Friction - I don't think this will scratch your teeth. This should is just right.
Color - Completely natural. I love it.


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