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COVID-19 Announcement on 16 Apr 2021


Hello Farang Friends, how are you guys recently? The COVID-19 in Thailand becomes serious again recently. I hope you guys stay safe. For someone may already get used to the lifestyle of new normal. But someone still not used to. Also, this time of COVID-19 spreading may affect many people’s Songkran trip. My family also needed to cancel our trip due to the spreading situation. How about you guys?

On 16 April 2021 government announce for COVID-19 defensive measure, which will be starting from today (18 April 2021). The announcement detain is as below:

1. No risky activities are allowed

1.1 School spaces are not allowed to hold any activities including teaching, examination, training, or any other activities that require a lot of participants. Unless space is used as a quarantine unit or helping center.

1.2 Any activities that contain more than 50 people are not allowed. Unless got approved by the officer or activity of quarantine unit. All activities need to be held on the advice of the provincial governor. The regulations are will be set by the officer based on the situation.

2. Night clubs and Karaoke shall be closed

Night clubs and Karaoke shall be closed by the order of the provincial governor. Each provincial government has the right to consider ordering close night clubs, Karaoke, massage parlor, or similar business. Those places that are ordered to close at least 1 day since the order of 9 April 2021, shall continue to close.

3. Controlled area specify

3.1 Highly controlled area includes Bangkok, Konkan, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Tak, Nakorn Pratom, Nakorn Ratchasima (Korat), Nontaburi, Pathumthani, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phuket, Rayong, Songkla, Samut Prakarn, Samut Sakorn, Srakeaw, Suphanburi, Udon Thani, total 18 provinces.

3.2 Controlled area includes 53 provinces that are not mentioned in No. 3.1.

4. Business and activity controlled for each type of area that are set by the government and will be effective at least 14 days

4.1 Highly controlled area for COVID-19

4.1.1 For dine in is allowed until 9.00PM and take away is allowed until 11.00PM.

4.1.2 Alcohol is not allowed for dine in.

4.1.3 Shopping mall, mall, community mall, or similar business are allowed to open until 9.00 PM and a number of shoppers shall be controlled. For arcade, players, the amusement park shall be closed.

4.1.4 Convenience store, supermarket, night market, walking street are allowed to proceed business as usual time but not over 11.00 PM. For 24 hours convenience stores can open at 4.00 AM.

4.1.5 Exercise spaces including gyms and fitness are allowed to open until 9.00 PM. Sport competitions are allowed to hold with control participants amount.

4.2 Controlled area for COVID-19

4.2.1 Restaurants are allowed to open until 11.00 PM.

4.2.2 Alcohol is not allowed for dine in.

4.2.3 Shopping mall, mall, community mall, or similar business are allowed to open until 9.00 PM and a number of shoppers shall be controlled. For arcade, players, the amusement park shall be closed.

5. Avoid traveling across areas.

The government is asking for cooperation from the citizens not to travel across the area especially into the high control area which is risky for getting defected.

For the screening points shall be set up as needed, and in charge officer numbers is just as needed and shall not cause any difficulties to the citizen.

For the public transportation, Ministry of Transport will be in charge of controlling and regulated based on defensive measure.

6. Parties are not allowed

Citizens, please cooperate by postponing parties in this period of time.

7. Proper of business running

The government is asking for cooperation from private businesses to set a suitable working atmosphere to the current situation, for example, work from home, take a turn for a day off, or any other suitable ways to decrease defection.

8. The policy about defective person support

The assigned departments are an emergency medical center for COVID-19, COVID-19 management center by Ministry of Interior, emergency situation solving center. These departments will prepare for the space for medical treatment, quarantine units for defected people and suspect people. They will ask for cooperation from education institutions, hotels, auditoriums,s or other private spaces. They will also prepare for support for medical treatment, medicines, testing tools, and other necessary items.

Every defective people needs to be treated in the place and by the time considered by contagious disease control disease center. The defective people will be quarantined until the time that the medical team announces the end of the defection period or the suspect case in the end.

To control the number of defections, if there is anyone who knows that you defect or risky of defect, please contact public health staff or an in-charge person to get informed of what should you do. And also get the proper test and quarantined to prepare for the next step of medical treatment.

9. Corona Virus 2019 Defection Management Center has the authority to consider the control level of each area and adjust regulation to be suitable for the current situation and submit the request to the prime minister for approval.

To be suitable or each area, the provincial governors have the right of declare for close, limit or stop business in the area in order to control the defections.

Actually now I think every area can be considered a risky area, therefore please stay safe. Always wear mask when go out or even in the office if there are many people please always wear mask. For disposable masks, please change a new one every day. For cotton masks please wash them every day.

Also keep your hands clean no matter with alcohol spray, alcohol gel, or by washing your hands. And avoid touching your face to decrease the defection risk.

Take are everyone, I hope all of you are doing OK. We will go through this rough situation together. BIG HUB from Howtofarang.

For updating of the situation, please follow us at Howtofarang.

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